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Mars Valley aka Mars To Da V-Alley aka Da Rhyme-Stein, was born and raised in Southern California, where he discovered his love for Rap Music.  SoCal is also where he met and grew up with beat maker extraodinaire, Luciano aka Luc aka Luciano Da Great.  With Mars Valley's slick delivery, comical punch lines, and Luciano's unique sounding beats, this duo without a doubt, will drop jewels from the studio for many years to come.  Mars Valley said, "Hip-Hop is a forever evolving culture, which is incredible, if we never forget its root, Rap Music."  Join Mars Valley in his movement to bring it back to Rap, and stay tuned, cause who knows what he will say next!

  • MisUnderstood4:05
  • Mouth Full3:34
  • Lay With You3:11
  • Bully2:53
  • Lets Go Out3:33
  • Vacant3:08

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"A Yo Luc?"

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